Teaching Material:

Data Analytics and Visualization

We love sharing my passion for data analytics and data visualization. If you're interested in attending a workshop or want to organize one for your team, please contact us.

Data Visualization Fundamentals with R

What is data visualization? Why is it useful? What are exploratory and explanatory analysis? How to pick the right chart?

This practical will teach you the basics of ggplot2 | Slides

  • Correlation: scatterplot and bubble plot
  • Distribution: histogram, density and boxplot.
  • Ranking: barplot, lollipop and treemap.
  • Evolution: line plot and area chart

Intro to Data wrangling with R, Python and Matlab

The main goal of these workshop series is to create the oppurtunity for master students to improve their skills in data wrangling through active problem solving (with hints and guidelines) that are representative of 'real world' problems that one will probably encounter in research. | Slides

  • Code reproducibility (dynamic programming)
  • Code understandability (comments, style, Rmarkdown, Jupyter notebook)
  • Version control and code availability (github)
  • Terminal familiarity
  • Automatisation (creating functions)
  • Data wrangling and vizualisation

Rmarkdown Tips and Tricks

Tips and examples to cool and meticulous interactive Rmarkdown reports. | Slides

Hitchhikers Guide To The Brain

A gathering of tutorials to install and setup different tools to analyze data in social sciences, psychology and neuroscience. | Slides

  • How to install and/or setup R, Python (with Anaconda) and MATLAB/Octave
  • How to install and/or setup SPM (and some toolbox), FSL and AFNI
  • Basic of linux/Unix progamming, cools tips and tricks
  • Git setup and tips


Feel free to contact me for any question. For open source project, please open an issue or pull request on Github. If you want to follow our work, reach us on Twitter. Otherwise, send us an email at info@wedata.ch.

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