Team Members

Vestin Hategekimana
Vestin Hategekimana - (Co-Founder)
Socioeconomist / R Fanatic / Content Creator

Description: My interests are in migration, integration, statistics, text mining, web scraping, and network analysis.

Fabrice Hategekimana
Fabrice Hategekimana (Co-Founder)
Developer / Linux Enthusiast / Content Creator

Description: I am passionate about Linux, terminal, programming languages, semantics and formal modeling tools.

David Muñoz Tord
David Muñoz Tord (Admin)
Neuroscientist / Data Scientist / R Developer

Description: I am a neuroscientist with a strong background in computer science. I am interested in the development of new tools for data analysis and visualization. I am always looking for a cool open-source project !

Andres Acuña Marroquin
Biostatistician/ Data Scientist

Description: I am a biostatistician/data scientist proficient in R programming, statistical analysis, and data visualisation. My passion is deriving insights from datasets to inform impactful decision-making, both within the health field and beyond.